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Submitted on
June 29, 2012
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I'm ready to make it
I'm ready to get famouse
nothings going to get in my way

Im gonna get it
my face on a billbooooooard
in times square
where everyone will know my naaaaaaame

I won't stop
till I get my chance
to have everyone hear meeeeeeee

I'm gonna get there
in time square
having everyone cheer my name
having my face in the lights showing all of my fame

my heart will make mee make iiiiiit
I just hope I can take it
its been my dream in life
and I just need to make iiiiit

I know ill get the chance
to claim my fame
it's all in my fate
but i'll just have to waaaaaiiiiit
THis is the start of another song that I will hopefully finish. Hope you guys like it and I would love to hear comments.
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Yea it is weird this is just a rough draft, I havent had time to actually complete any songs yet bc I have had so many ideas I needed to start. SOi still have to revise them all and complete them. Also I need to create sheet music as well. So hopefully it will get there and you comment will be in my mind I'm going to fix it.
I have a quick suggestion about the second to last stanza, I sang it a little in my head (not on the right beat, I'm sure of that) it sounds a bit weird with having two 'make iiiiit''s int the same stanza, separated by so little.
Other than that, great job, I can't wait to see you sing it one day >u<
ok I will take a look at it, thanks for the suggestion. I hope one day to be siging ti to everyone. Deff my number one dream, besides being on glee hahah. If u know what that is.
thanks ~VocaloidFan12345, that is exactly what I am saying. Yes some of those songs are catchy and good but for every song to be like that its not cool.
VocaloidFan12345 Jun 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Yup, Anytime :D
It isnt childish it's who I am and as an artist I potray who I am and who I want to be know as. We need ppl in this world who younger kids can look up to as role models ones that dont do drugs or have foul language in every single song. I get that, that is our world but that is not who I am.
VocaloidFan12345 Jun 29, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I agree! Songs these days make no sense, they sacrifice meaning for rhyme. And even if they do have meaning its always something like 'ohmigosh my boyfriend broke up with me its the end of the world' or 'Smoking weed is fuuuunnnnn' or 'you are sooo hawwwtttt!! Heres my number, call me maybe XD' or something like that :no: this unfinished song has a lot more meaning then most new songs :) I like it :D
I get what your saying and you are right that nowadays that are what all the songs about, but I want to stay true to myself right now and that means stick to my morals which is no drugs, profanity, swearing. But if one day thats what I am feeling it will be written. But right now I would like to stick with who I am and what I am going through in life which is my career. But later on you prob will see some of that.
Shiny--Raichu Jun 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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